Speech Balloons?

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 8.24.49 AM
Those balloons

If you clicked on the speech balloons on my home page, I’ll bet you thought it would open up a chat function or a forum. Sorry about that!

When I was messing around for a graphic for the home page, this just sort of stuck with me. A bit hackneyed, I know.

But I wanted something there — something… iconic, and what comes to mind for a writer? A pen of some kind, or a quill? A laptop? Yeesh. Me, scratching my head while staring into space?

The more I saw that image of those dang balloons, the more it just seemed to fit. Writing is always a conversation, and its engine runs on questions, the expression of human curiosity, frustration, and longing. This is so even when we’re writing for ourselves.

The next time you’re stuck, struggling with what to say and how to say it, don’t imagine you’re alone, making stuff up out of thin air, and that your topic sits in an imaginary box, like a discrete mathematical expression.

Instead, think about the conversations that are already happening around that topic, by doing a quick search using terms like “forum,” “discussion,” “FAQ,” etc., and you’ll soon find your way.

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4 Responses to Speech Balloons?

  1. Hi David!

    Thanks for the helpful hint on getting unstuck.

    It is a really good idea, I’ll try…if I ever get stuck!

    I find that I have the opposite affliction, I am in need of literary editing discipline more than new inspiration.

    I am diggin’ your new website, BTW, and would love to read your book.

  2. dw says:

    Phil — Great to hear, and thanks so much for the kind words! I’ll definitely keep you posted on the book!

  3. marc Mintz says:

    Hi David, apologies if this is not the same DW from New Hampshire College but if it is then smiles and fantastic. This is Marc. We used to read poetry together and would love to connect. My email is marc@rigalizllc.com

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