I’ve written hundreds of magazine articles, reviews, and other educational or informational pieces, hundreds of short-form marketing pieces (ads, site copy), and dozens of long-form marketing pieces (white papers, product guides).

Here are a few examples from some of my favorite projects. But if you’d like to see something different, having read my bio and resume, just ask!

Narrative Nonfiction

A Breaking Point
Type: Excerpt (of my book-in-progress, The Song of Kate Elizabeth)
For: Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood
Date: 02/16/2020
Why I Think It’s Strong: Honest, evocative, multilayered yet light.

Journalism and Educational Pieces (Articles, Tutorials…)

The Shape of the Web
Type: Web copy
For: Mozilla
Date: April, 2015
Why I Think It’s Strong: Objectively summarizes complex issues, while raising awareness as to their severity.

One Hundred Best Freebies (PDF download, 5MB)
Type: Article
For: MacAddict Magazine (No Longer Published)
Date: July, 2003
Why I Think It’s Strong: Uses a fun, upbeat tone to connect with a young, enthusiast audience.

Marketing Pieces (Web Copy, White Papers…)

The Evolution of Comping (PDF download, 2MB)
Type: Tutorial
For: Digidesign (Now Avid)
Audience: Users or Potential Users of Pro Tools Music-Production Software
Date: 2009
Why I Think It’s Strong: Uses helpful information to sell product benefits, casting a positive light on the company. Notice how this is a tutorial, which is typically considered a journalistic genre? That’s content marketing in action.

Anaconda Sports (PDF download, 150KB)
Type: Case Study
For: VeriSign
Audience: Retailers
Date: 2005
Why I Think It’s Strong: Combines a “magazine” style (objective, accessible, informative) with a traditional marketing format, telling a compelling story while also reflecting well on the company. Subtly weaves in product and corporate messaging so it’s not obvious.

Inside the RichRelevance Core Platform: Dynamic Ensemble Learning (PDF download, 863KB)
Type: White Paper/Guide
For: RichRelevance
Audience: Potential customers in the IT and business sides of retail.
Date: 2009
Why I Think It’s Strong: Accurately tackles an extremely complex topic using a friendly, accessible tone.

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