I’ve written hundreds of magazine articles, reviews, and other educational or informational pieces, hundreds of short-form marketing pieces (ads, site copy), and dozens of long-form marketing pieces (white papers, product guides).

Here are a few examples from some of my favorite projects. But if you’d like to see something different, having read my bio and resume, just ask!

Journalism and Educational Pieces (Articles, Tutorials…)

The Shape of the Web
Type: Web copy
For: Mozilla
Date: April, 2015
Why I Think It’s Strong: Objectively summarizes complex issues, while raising awareness as to their severity.

One Hundred Best Freebies (PDF download, 5MB)
Type: Article
For: MacAddict Magazine (No Longer Published)
Date: July, 2003
Why I Think It’s Strong: Uses a fun, upbeat tone to connect with a young, enthusiast audience.

Marketing Pieces (Web Copy, White Papers…)

The Evolution of Comping (PDF download, 2MB)
Type: Tutorial
For: Digidesign (Now Avid)
Audience: Users or Potential Users of Pro Tools Music-Production Software
Date: 2009
Why I Think It’s Strong: Uses helpful information to sell product benefits, casting a positive light on the company. Notice how this is a tutorial, which is typically considered a journalistic genre? That’s content marketing in action.

Anaconda Sports (PDF download, 150KB)
Type: Case Study
For: VeriSign
Audience: Retailers
Date: 2005
Why I Think It’s Strong: Combines a “magazine” style (objective, accessible, informative) with a traditional marketing format, telling a compelling story while also reflecting well on the company. Subtly weaves in product and corporate messaging so it’s not obvious.

Inside the RichRelevance Core Platform: Dynamic Ensemble Learning (PDF download, 863KB)
Type: White Paper/Guide
For: RichRelevance
Audience: Potential customers in the IT and business sides of retail.
Date: 2009
Why I Think It’s Strong: Accurately tackles an extremely complex topic using a friendly, accessible tone.