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Not the David Weiss you’re looking for?

I’m the David Weiss who writes and edits for a living, and who has written about such diverse topics as  music software. But we’re legion! Here at davidweiss.net we want to make sure you get to the right David Weiss to suit your needs, right away!

Follow the links below.

David Weiss, the artist who worked with Peter Fischli since 1979.

David Weiss, the founder and editor of SonicScoop, who wrote for Electronic Musician as I did, but thankfully not at the same time, or it would have been very confusing. It was already confusing enough, so I had to go by David E. Weiss when writing for that mag.

David Weiss, the founder of the New Jazz Composers Octet.

David Weiss, the writer of Naked Came I, the book about Rodin’s life.

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