I developed my writing and editing chops in the niche field of technology journalism, working for MacAddict, Macworld, Peachpit Press, Wired, and other publications. I engaged readers, provided helpful advice, and de-mystified technology (while meeting crazy deadlines).

I brought this same approach to the marketing departments of technology companies, first working in-house, and now as a freelancer.

I still engage readers with clear and compelling stories, but now these readers are customers or prospective customers. I still try to frame all communications in terms of helpfulness (the essential framework of content marketing), and I still de-mystify technology as much as possible, while emphasizing each product’s ability to solve real-world problems.

As a writer, I reflect each company’s written voice, or I help to cultivate that voice through watching presentations of the company’s most powerful evangelists. As an editor, I bring the copy to a higher, more persuasive standard, free of errors, but also aligned with the company’s voice, all while enhancing each writer’s individuality.

In 2021, I expanded into developmental editing for books. I’m interested in working with fiction of practically any stripe, or non-fiction books on a wide range of topics; consumer technology, music, and health leap to mind, but I’d be open to others as well.

See my resume for a more detailed background, read a few of my writing samples, or learn what others have said about me. If you’d like to discuss a project, I’m all ears.

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