I’ve written a wide range of materials that fall under journalism (articles, tutorials) and marketing (product pages, white papers). In either case, I try to tell compelling stories that create “Ah ha!” moments for readers. Do I succeed? See a few of my writing samples. Read my bio for more information, or see my resume, to get a sense of my background.


Editing has many dimensions. As an editor, I’m choosing the content and ensuring that it meets the goals of the publication or initiative. I’m also looking for a good mix, to engage readers. I can also do developmental editing, which is the re-working of copy so that it meets certain (higher) standards, or I can copyedit, which is the art and science of zapping errors and stylistic inconsistencies. Often, these jobs overlap.


I’m happy to work on either an hourly or project basis. My normal rate is $85 per hour, and I’ll use this as a basis for estimating project fees. Many factors affect how this rate translates into your final cost (beyond the specific service I perform), but speed and quality are the most important ones.

You may find many $10-an-hour writers, but if they take many hours to arrive at final copy (due to many revisions), that could add up to more than you expect. And if the writing never measures up, that’s time and money down the drain.

Whether we work on an hourly or on a project basis, I’ll first ask you about your requirements and goals, and I’ll provide an estimate before we begin. We can agree to use the estimate as a not-to-be-expected limit, or we can manage to that estimate, revising it, as needed, as we go.

To get started, just shoot me an email and we’ll talk.