What’s in an Everything Bagel?

Here’s a fun game to play with kids. Use your own words, and the fun part is making them up on the spot, as in the aristocrats game, but here’s the gist:

Kid: What’s in an “everything” bagel?

You: Oh, you know, everything.

everything bagel

Kid: Like what?

You: Well, you know, they’ve got poppy seeds, sesame seeds, small slices of onion, everything. Very, very small amounts of chocolate, but so small that you can’t even taste it. And very very small amounts of everything: sugar, broccoli, baseball, tiny bits of science, a little bit of laughter, being late for school, a bit of battleships, car trips, hair cuts, trees, The Return of the Gedi, carpets, boredom, music… (etc., etc., etc.)

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