How it Begins…

From “The Well”

Kate is looking at me tenderly, not crying, as the older, wiser sister that she is, even though for years, I felt like the older, wiser one. She definitely looks older, but her hair is still jet black and slightly scraggly around her ears, still springing up around the back of her head. Her face now has a few lines but is still round and pink, like a baby’s face, and her eyebrows are still arch and expressive, as though she’s aware of some joke, or something clever, and she’s looking at me with one of her eyes just slightly up and to the right, because that’s the way that eye is, as if urging me to look off somewhere else.

“Kate, you look… amazing. Really strong. You have to tell me everything. I couldn’t really follow parts of what you told me on the phone. You live in a shared house? And you work in some kind of, employment office or something?”

“Something like that. It’s a long story.”

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